Subjects Offered


We believe that mathematics is imperative for thriving in everyday life. Students who take upper level math courses are more likely to attend and complete college, making them more likely to succeed in any venture they take on later in life.

However, it all starts with the basics. Whether it’s basic kindergarten or a master’s student, let us help you!



Thomas Friedman said it best, “…the generation of scientists and engineers who were motivated to go into science by the threat of Sputnik in 1957…are reaching their retirement years and are not being replaced in the numbers that they must be if an advanced economy like that of the United States is to remain at the head of the pack.”

Our tutors wish to convey a passion for science that can encourage each individual’s potential, while broadening an understanding and knowledge of the subject.

Sometimes it just takes someone to sit down and explain it in a way that can be easily understood. That is what our tutors do.


What do we use more than the English language? What helps us in our job placements and every day living more than how we talk and write?

Whether you or your child needs help understanding the eight parts of speech, writing an essay, or learning the difference between “lie” and “lay,” our tutors can help. We believe that a comprehensive understanding of the English language is one of the main building blocks you and your child will use for success.



By 8th grade, 68% of students in America cannot read at grade level. Most of those will never catch up. Feeling overwhelmed by reading is a common problem not only for children, but also for adolescents and even some adults.

The tutors at A+ will not only help develop the student’s reading potential capability, but also make them a confident and eager free-reader, ready to take the adventures that are only possible in the books they read. We have helped 4-year-olds as well as 54-year-olds. It is never too late or early to open a world of knowledge and entertainment that only comes from the joy of reading.


Learning disabilities:

Our tutors believe that no child should be left behind in his education for any reason—especially one related to a learning disability. We will work with your student diligently and patiently.


Test Preparation:

Whether your child needs confidence-building to pass the SAT, PSAT, ACT, TOEFL; review and study help for the mid-term or final; or just a few tips for the weekly quiz, our tutors are here to help.

We understand the jitters that happen just before the test is passed out, and the sinking feeling of looking at a test and feeling like your mind has erased itself. We will work with your student, and find the best way for him to learn so that he cannot only remember the material he needs for a test, but also utilize that knowledge in the future.